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While sorting out the storage unit of design studio Spin, we found some boxes of the long thought sold out Spin/2 – 50 Reading Lists, a paper based on asking major figures in graphic design the question: what are the top ten books that you believe designers should read? 

In the introduction to 50 Reading Lists, Spin founder Tony Brook notes that 'the great thing about books – besides the way they look, smell and feel – is that they can set off sparks in your mind and fires in your heart'. But which books are worth picking up from the pile? What are the essential books on graphic design and visual culture that bring about inspiration and sparks? Leading designers such as Wim Crouwel, Experimental Jetset, Alan Fletcher, Peter Saville and Ian Anderson give us a glimpse into their libraries.

Read more about 50 Reading List in an essay by Adrian Shaughnessy on Design Observer.

Brook also mentions: 'I'd love to think that if I were at college now I'd pick up this paper and it would inspire me to spend more of my overdraft on books, and not quite so much on beer'.

Tabloid folded to 290x190mm
48 pages
Published: September 2006
Design: Spin


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