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Lance Wyman in Idea Magazine

The Japanese magazine Idea is one of the most important and long-lived graphic design publications in the world. It began publishing in 1953, and since then it has consistently occupied a position at the forefront of the international graphic design scene. Initially the magazine functioned as a shop window for designers around the world: to be ‘showcased’ in Idea was to be acknowledged as a significant figure in world design. In more recent years, and now under the editorship of Kiyonori Muroga, the magazine has developed a more critical position. It is widely seen as having a sharp eye for significant and game changing developments in international graphic design. For designers in the West, to be featured in Idea is a badge of achievement to be worn with pride.Idea has always made high-grade reproduction and state-of-the-art printing as...

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Manuals 1:
 Design & Identity Guidelines is back in print

Our fastest selling Unit Editions title is back in print. Manuals 1: Design & Identity Guidelines sold out shortly after we published it in 2014. But now, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, we’re once again able to offer our readers this comprehensive study of corporate identity design manuals from the 20th Century. If you are one of the 1,138 people who backed the Kickstarter campaign, your copy (plus rewards) will be with you very soon, along with our heartfelt thanks. We couldn't have done it without you. But if you missed out on the campaign, then here’s your chance to get your hands on a copy. We have approximately 900 copies for sale via our website. Manuals 1: Design &...

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In New York…with a camera

Unit Editions’ designer Rachel Dalton has recently returned from a week in New York, shooting material for future publications. Thanks to the generosity of Sasha Tochilovsky, curator of the Herb Lubalin Study Center, Rachel had access to some of the wonderful, historically significant non-Lubalin material held by the Center.  As well as the single largest collection of Herb Lubalin material, the Centre also holds a fabulous collection of 20th century graphic design artefacts. While she was there, Rachel shot a few gigabytes of material. We’re not quite ready yet to announce the next batch of Unit Editions titles. There is always a period of time spent securing reproduction rights and permissions. As soon as this is complete, we’ll announce the...

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