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Graphic Stamps

Graphic Stamps


Title: The Archive Series #001
Graphic Stamps: The miniature beauty of postage stamps [Unit 24]
Editors: Tony Brook & Adrian Shaughnessy
Stamps selected by Iain Follet & Blair Thomson
Essay: Mark Sinclair
Design: Spin

Edition of 2000


…the result is a beauty. Graphic designers and philatelists alike will fawn over the boldness of the red-and-white right angles in 1960s Swiss stamps or the brash reds, whites and blues of their US-designed counterparts. The enduring qualities of these most disposable of mediums is striking. The title is the first in the publisher’s forthcoming Archive Series – a collection worth saving room for in any design library. Monocle

This brand new publication offers an in-depth look into the lovingly assembled collections of two passionate stamp collectors and graphics designers: Iain Follett and Blair Thomson. Not only does the book serve as a showcase of the best in stamp design, Follett and Thomson also offer a brief historical overview of postage stamps… People of Print

As with all of Unit’s books, there has clearly been a lot of care and consideration into how best to present the subject matter. In this case, the stamps have been enlarged and they are displayed on stark black backgrounds. Rob Alderson, We Transfer


The Archive Series is a bibliographic celebration of graphic design archives and collections. The first title in the new series is devoted to the design of postage stamps. Sourced from the collections of stamp design experts Iain Follett and Blair Thomson, the book celebrates the brilliance of postage stamp design from around the world.

Postage stamps are the forgotten gems of graphic design. This is odd when you contemplate the high levels of aesthetic and technical qualities required to produce graphics for a tiny scrap of paper with perforated edges.


Size: 230mm×170mm
Pages: 328
Colour: Four colour litho print
Binding: Lay-flat bound
Special Features: Jacket printed in two Pantone colours, Cover wrap with inner flaps
ISBN 978-0-9932316-4-3

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