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Vaughan Oliver: Archive

Vaughan Oliver: Archive


Title: Vaughan Oliver: Archive (two vols.) [Unit 38]
Editors: Tony Brook & Adrian Shaughnessy
Design: Spin

Limited Edition of 900 


Thanks to the generosity of the nearly 1000 people who backed our Kickstarter campaign to publish the two-volume set ‘Vaughan Oliver: Archive’, we are able to print a few hundred additional copies of this important publication. 

Both volumes (they come in a slipcase) offer a celebration of the Vaughan Oliver archive, a treasure house of graphic delights. Oliver is the designer who kept the stuff other designers threw away: proofs, running sheets, paper labels for vinyl records, original artwork for classic album covers, videotapes, books and the weird ephemera that was the source of inspiration for many of his most famous works.  

‘Vaughan Oliver: Archive’ is in fact two books. The first ('Materials and fragments') is arranged around a set of themes – colour, typography, the body, mystery, etc. It also features a selection of his exquisitely designed press ads – most of them unseen since the day they were published in the music press. 

The second book ('Remnants and desires') features a selection of the PMTs (Photo-Mechanical Transfer prints) that Oliver used as the basis for many of his most famous designs. Some can be recognised as forming parts of famous album covers – others (like his test lettering for an aborted Led Zeppelin project) have never been seen outside of the v23 studio. 

The book(s), designed by Spin and written by Adrian Shaughnessy, feature many previously unseen works, including extensive interviews with Oliver, and with contributions from Chris Bigg, his long-standing creative accomplice.

This two-volume set will sell out quickly.


Book One
Printed: Litho

Title: Vaughan Oliver: Archive
Materials and fragments
Size: 210mm × 280mm

Pages: 432

Colours: CMYK Toyo inks (with higher colour values achieved)
Binding: Perfect bound. PUR glued
Cover stock: 300 gsm Munken Pure
Book stock: 80 gsm Munken Pure
Sticker: 150 gsm Fasson White Manilla Perm

Book Two
Printed: Litho 
Title: Vaughan Oliver: Archive
Remnants and desires

Size: 210mm × 280mm

Pages: 164 
Colour: Black Toyo ink throughout
Cover: 300 gsm Munken Pure
Pages: 80 gsm Munken Pure

Binding: Perfect bound. PUR glued.
Sticker: 150 gsm Fasson White Manilla Perm

Slip Case

Printed: Silkscreen
Black with bespoke-mix flouro

Further details
Printed on Komori Lithrone press
Hybrid Print Technology (a Göteborgstryckeriets special technique)
Cold UV drying
Stochastic screen / FM screen
ISO standard 9001

Printer  Göteborgstryckeriets. Sweden

ISBN: 978-0-9956664-8-1

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