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Scratching the Surface

Scratching the Surface


Title: Essays: Scratching the Surface [Unit 11]
Author: Adrian Shaughnessy
Design: Spin

Edition of 2000
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If it’s an important issue in design, you can bet Shaughnessy has written about it. And you can also bet that he’s written about it colourfully, eloquently and (occasionally) controversially. Angus Montgomery, Design Week

Adrian’s trademark sharp, erudite and witty style is present on every page and it’s not hard to see why he is widely considered one of the best design writers working today. Rob Alderson, It's Nice That

Continuing with Unit Editions thoughtfully curated collection of design related titles comes, Scratching the Surface, a selection of writings by Adrian Shaughnessy. Over the past 18 years, Adrian has contributed significantly to the ongoing discourse centered around graphic design. Grain Edit

It is an example of the smart design, editing and writing that Tony Brook and Shaughnessy’s Unit Editions has been producing for the past two years. Scratching the Surface is a book for anyone with an itch to ‘scratch the surface of the cultural zeitgeist.’ Steven Heller


Scratching the Surface is a collection of essays and journalism, focusing mainly on graphic design. Essays include: ‘2012 Olympic logo ate my hamster’; ‘Vaughan Oliver – Minotaurs in Suburban England’; and ‘The Myth of Originality and the Joy of Copying’.

In 2003, Adrian Shaughnessy gave up studio life to become an independent designer, consultant, publisher, teacher and writer. He wrote the highly successful How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul, which has sold 80,000 copies worldwide.

Scratching the Surface is a book for anyone who wants to scratch the surface of the cultural zeitgeist to see what’s underneath.


Format: Paperback
Size: 170mm×225mm
Pages: 400 (40pp in colour)
Colour: Four colour litho print
Special Features:  Edge printing
ISBN 978-0-9575114-0-8

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