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Title: Projekt
The Polish Journal of Visual Art and Design [Unit 05]
Authors: Charlotte West and Edgar Bak
Editor: Adrian Shaughnessy
Design: Spin

Edition of 2000
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Here, for the first time in book form, is an analysis and appreciation of this heroic journal. Design writer Charlotte West and Polish graphic designer, Edgar Bąk show how Projekt can sit alongside any of the great design and art magazines of the past half-century. Projekt: The Polish journal of visual art and design is an important addition to design scholarship, and the appreciation of Polish visual art and design. Polish Cultural Institute

Charlotte West’s well informed introductory essay places less emphasis on interpreting these designs than in examining the relative freedom of the editors to shape its content in the face of censorship. By steering clear of politics, they ensured that the cultural apparatchiks left the magazine and its editors alone. As a result, Projekt became a remarkable champion of Modernist graphic design on both sides of the East-West divide during the 1960s and 70s. David Crowley, Eye


Formed in 1955, Projekt was one of the few publications to showcase the art and design of not only work from behind the Iron Curtain, but also of the West. Particularly striking were its visually rich covers, many of them created by members of the famous Polish Poster School – amongst them Henryk Tomaszewski, Józef Mroszczak and Jan Lenica.

This book tells the story of Projekt’s tortuous history as it struggled to survive against the backdrop of Soviet domination. As a satellite state of the Soviet Union, Poland was subject to censorship and repression, and Polish artists and designers were expected to adhere to the official Soviet artform of Social Realism. But Poland has a long history of rebellion and opposition, and this contrarian spirit can be seen in the pages and covers of Projekt.


Size: 152mm×230mm
Pages: 64 
Colour: Four colour litho print
Special Features: White foiled cover
ISBN 978-0-9562071-4-2

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